Leave The Boys Behind


Inspired By The Mountains

Leave the Boys Behind is a female-specific guiding program started by Aspen Alpine Guides, an Aspen based professional guide Service. Aspen Alpine Guides has been providing quality mountain guiding adventures year-round in Aspen, Colorado since 1987. Leave the Boys Behind hosts backcountry adventure trips throughout the year that include skiing, snowboarding, backcountry hut trips, mountain and road biking, trail running, backpacking, peak climbs, avalanche courses, and international treks. All trips are designed by and led by women for women. We also specialize in creating custom backcountry adventures for individuals and groups of all abilities and sizes. 

The Leave the Boys Behind program was started with the intention of creating an all-female experience in and around the pristine wilderness and rugged mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Our goal is to include females of all ability levels and ages in organized adventure that encompass a wide variety of sports. The drive to create Leave the Boys Behind stems from our desire to host outrageously fun experiences in the wilderness where the pressure from the boys is left at home. 

Aspen Alpine Guides and Leave the Boys Behind are equal opportunity service providers and employers that operate under a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, White River National Forest. 


Featured Summer Programs


One-Day Wilderness retreat


September 9th, 2018. Head to the wilderness for a day of nature, self-discovery, and movement. What better way to connect with yourself and feel inspired than to be fully immersed in nature for one day! As we head towards the Autumnal Equinox the environment will be changing all around us, and by the end of this one-day wilderness retreat you will spark change within yourself.

Backpacking & Hut Trips

Experience a true Colorado Adventure with an overnight backpacking trip or Hut trip within the 10th Mountain Huts system. Whether you are looking to do the Four-Pass loop or hike directly from a hut, our permitted-area has you covered!


2019 AIARE Level One Hut Trip


LBB has partnered up with the 10th Mountain Division Hut to offer Level I Avalanche courses in the ideal backcountry learning environment. Participants will spend the first night in a class room setting, and then venture out into the backcountry for the remainder two nights to experience backcountry conditions within the 10th Mountain Hut system by using the backcountry huts as a base for the course and fieldwork.

Guiding Principles

  • We at Aspen Alpine Guides & Leave The Boys Behind strive to provide a model for an individual-focused guide service that continues to maintain safety, leadership and passion for the outdoors.

  • Our commitment to providing outstanding guides ensures that our guides are able to work towards their goals and create memorable experiences.

  • We are committed to being a resource to the community by sharing our passion for teaching and education.

  • We foster a mutual respect and appreciation for environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles.

  • We continue to commit to our guests’ goals by guiding with integrity, authenticity and passion. Above all, we value the relationships we have built with our guests and each other.

  • We practice principles that will help our community maintain its mountain lifestyle, so we all can enjoy the beautiful mountains for years to come.

Note: Our guiding principles were created in the Spring of 2013 in a collaborative process by the guides from Aspen Alpine Guides & Leave The Boys Behind.